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The Word Hoard

Posted in Professional with tags , , on July 25, 2012 by Diana S-V



The Word Hoard is Western University’s new interdisciplinary journal of the arts and humanities. I had the pleasure of serving as a content editor, copy editor, and co-contributor for the inaugural issue (you can find my contribution here) and can vouch for the variety, quality, and creativity of the submissions that made their way into “Volume 1, Issue 1: Community and Dissent.” What I love most about this journal is the structure, which consists of not only submissions but creative and critical responses to these submissions, a dialogic format that has resulted in some truly unique conversations and wonderful opportunities to expand upon the issues and themes that underpin the original submissions. The entire issue is available online, and the call for submissions for the second issue will be going out very shortly. In the meantime, I urge you to explore the contents of the journal. There truly is something for everyone (though individuals interested in queerness and resistance will find some especially exciting pieces), and I imagine that future issues will be no less remarkable.