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Posted in Professional on September 25, 2014 by Diana S-V

I’ve just received the news that my much-delayed and extremely difficult-to-write field study has received a pass from my committee members. While as this year’s requirements go the oral consultation of the field study and the development of a short thesis prospectus are still to come, this is the last serious pass/fail component of my doctoral program until the dissertation defense.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of individuals for their support during what turned out to be an unexpectedly challenging time, both emotionally and intellectually.

To my committee members for their patience, understanding, and excellent guidance.
To my friends and colleagues, whose kind words and advice on fronts both personal and academic reminded me of my own capability, courage, and good fortune.
To the family that has my back even from three provinces away, and celebrates every achievement (big or small) as if it was a massive victory. You don’t always understand my project, but you have understood and supported my passion for it from its inception.
To my beautiful cats who remind me that I need not take everything so seriously, and that there is always time in the day to connect with another living being.
To my partner. You have been my anchor and my greatest comfort.

I’m grateful to each and every one of you.

Now, to business! I came across a number of surprising, interesting texts related to my project over the course of the summer from all different genres (philosophy, comparative literature, cultural studies, literary criticism, and some histories and memoirs). Starting next week, I’ll be posting reviews of these books for your perusal, beginning with Caitlin Doughty’s Smoke Gets In Your Eyes & Other Lessons from the Crematory. I’ve been a great admirer of Doughty’s work for some time—in addition to being a mortician and thanatologist, she is the founder of The Order of the Good Death, an organization committed to combating the phobia of death in North American culture. If the book is anything like her “Ask a Mortician” video series, I expect it to be a great read that balances sensitivity and gravity with Doughty’s trademark humour and strangeness.

From | “On apologies and apologia: Why making fun of sexual harassment is not ‘satire'”

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A colleague of mine at Western University and I penned a short piece for Rabble’s “Campus Notes” blog in response to the Western Gazette frosh issue article on dating your teaching assistant. Click the picture below for a link to the article!


Title page from Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”