Death Education & Death Midwifery


A willow casket and shroud from Passages International.

This portion of the website will soon be home to the following:

  • a collection of blog posts discussing my introduction to death midwifery, its relationship to my research, and my experiences as a student in the BEyond Yonder School for Death Midwifery;
  • resources on the death midwifery, death doula, and home funeral care movements;
  • community resources for the London, Ontario area for those wishing to explore alternative funeral options and learn more about navigating the various bureaucratic, medical, political, and sociocultural challenges that one might face in choosing these options; and
  • information on my qualifications to offer certain aspects of community service as a death educator.

Blog Posts

Adventures in Death Midwifery: Introduction

Adventures in Death Midwifery: The Dissertation, and the Dreaded “Rut”

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