Teaching and Pedagogy

In addition to my work as a researcher, I am a passionate educator. This page hosts documents, resources, and information related to university teaching and learning, including the components of my teaching dossier.

Teaching Dossier

Teaching Philosophy Statement

Sample Course Design

Syllabus: “Passing On Stories: Narratives of Death and Dying in the 20th Century”
Sample Assignment Design: “Memorial Reflection”
Sample Assignment Rubric: “Memorial Reflection”

Education, Training, and Accomplishments

2015 | GS 9500: The Theory and Practice of University Teaching – Western University
2012 | Teaching Assistant Training Program – Western University
2012 | Nomination: Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Teaching Assistantships (Western University)

2015 | English 1027A – The Storyteller’s Art I: Introduction to Narrative
2015 | English 2019B – The Culture of Leadership II: Teams, Communities, Mobs
2014 | English 2018A – The Culture of Leadership I: Heroes, Tyrants, Celebrities
2014 | English 2200G – History of Theory and Criticism
2013 | English 2200F – History of Theory and Criticism
2013| English 2220G: Studies in Narrative Theory
2012 | English 2220F: Studies in Narrative Theory
2011-2012 | English 2033E: Introduction to Children’s Literature



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